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Lista wydań / t. 27 2016
Zmiany na rynku ziemi rolniczej w Polsce

Autorzy: Stanisław Urban
Rok wydania:2016
Liczba stron:17 (223-239)
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An analysis of occurring changes on the agricultural land market in Poland was the aim of the research. Poland has considerable resources of agricultural land. On average, on the 1 inhabitant fall 0.4 ha agricultural land. The constant shortfall occurs, predominantly as a consequence of handing of agricultural land on the non agricultural purposes. Resources of agricultural land in Poland, from the point of view of the ownership rights, may be separated into those, which are in private farmers ownership and those, which are qualified as the Agricultural Property Stock of the State Treasury. The agricultural land market in Poland is well developed and many different kinds of transactions are made on it. There were deep differences between transactions signed among neighbors and with the APSST. There were sold 2.5 million ha hitherto that were owned by the State Treasure. Transactions of the land tenancy play a significant role. The significant land transfer occurred as out of the market transactions, mainly as donations. Prices of land have been growing dynamically. In spite of that they are lower than these in the Western Countries. 
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