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ISSN: 2449-7339    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/me.2017.1-02
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Lista wydań / nr 1 (6) 2017
Metafora i jej rola w portretowaniu postaci w Źwierzyńcu Mikołaja Reja

Autorzy: Krystian Słomka vel Słomiński Słomka vel Słomiński
Uniwersytet Łódzki
Słowa kluczowe: pochwała herb epigramat porównanie metafora Mikołaj Rej
Data publikacji całości:2017
Liczba stron:19 (21-39)
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The study is dedicated to the image creation of the characters in “Źwierzyniec” (“Bestiary”) by Mikołaj Rej (1505–1569€), based on the metaphors. This article focuses on determining the role of metaphors in portraying representatives of the nobility environment in “Rozdział wtóry” (The second chapter) of “Źwierzyniec”. The analysis is made for the selected epigrams where Rej used metaphors based on pronunciation of the surnames of the characters, comparison of their appearances with traits of character, heraldic charges, family lines or associations with heroes immortalised in culture. As determined, metaphors and similes serve mainly to emphasise and enhance positive traits of the characters. Theeir form adds attractiveness to the text and makes it easier for the reader to draw morals more effectively, as well.
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