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ISSN: 2449-7339    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/me.2018.2-05
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Lista wydań / nr 2 (9) 2018
Dwie mowy Wojciecha Miaskowskiego wygłoszone na pogrzebie Wojciecha Gajewskiego – edycja krytyczna

Autorzy: Artur Oźlański ORCID
Uniwersytet Śląski
Słowa kluczowe: Wojciech Miaskowski Wojciech Gajewski mowy pogrzebowe oratorstwo edycja krytyczna
Rok wydania:2018
Liczba stron:9 (71-79)
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The article presents a critical edition of two funeral speeches made by Wojciech Miaskowski, yet not printed before. The first one was made while the body of Wojciech Gajewski was carried through Poznan, the latter one – during the funeral. Both oratory pieces, which were widely appreciated among the researches of old Polish oratory, provide us with new information on the life of the soldier who died in battle at the walls of Smolensk. The author of the article prepared a transcription of the speeches, followed by an introduction including the most important details on Miaskowski and Gajewski’s lives, as well as the discussion on the hereditary issues concerning the speeches. The first one made during the body’s passage is an example of oratio ab hospitibus, that is a speech for the guests, whereas the latter is oratio gratiarum actoria, that is the family’s thanksgiving. Edition of the oratory pieces was accompanied by a family tree, critical apparatus and explanations given to the works.
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