Nowa Krytyka

czasopismo filozoficzne

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About the Journal

„Nowa Krytyka” / New Critique / is a half-yearly published philosophical journal in the paper version (the basic version) and electronically (in Open Access system).

 The Journal is included in the Central European Journal of Social Science and Humanities (CEJSH,

 The Journal has been incessantly published since 1991. The articles published in Nowa Krytyka refer mainly to the continental philosophical tradition, especially to Enlightenment and post- Enlightenment critically oriented social philosophy including post-colonial studies, Marxism and feminist studies.

The Journal has been publishing articles in Polish, English and German. In 2017 there were 39 volumes of Nowa Krytyka. Several dozen authors from all academic centres of Philosophy in Poland and dozens of foreign authors from France, Italy, Great Britain, USA, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, China, the Russian Federation and Slovenia have published their articles in the magazine so far. Among them, there were such celebrities as Etienne Balibar, Jaqcues Derrida, Gilles Deleuze, Jean-Luc Nancy, Ernesto Laclau, Daniel Bensaid, Paul Tillich or Slavoj Žižek.

The Journal also has significant achievements in making accessible to the Polish reader classic texts from the history of philosophy (including Dawid Hume, G. W. F. Hegel, Heinrich Heine, Friedrich Nietzsche and recently Ewald W. Iljenkow or Bow Ber Borochow). Nowa Krytyka also included patronage over book publishing.

We invite to cooperate with the Journal all the scholars who critically investigate problems of modern capitalism, as well as the ones who concentrate on class, race, ethnicity and gender issues.

Nowa Krytyka is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or their institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. This is in accordance with the DOAJ definition of open access DOAJ. There are no submitting nor processing charges for publication.

Open Access statement

Full versions of articles published in the journal are available at without grace period or any technological barriers.
Articles are published on CC-BY-SA license and journal have not any article processing charges (APCs). Authors hold the copyright to their articles without restrictions.