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Issue archive / nr 1/2014
Enklawy społeczne na terenie byłej bazy wojskowej – przykład Kęszycy Leśnej
(Social enclaves in the former military base – example of Kęszyca Leśna)

Authors: Małgorzata Olejarz
Uniwersytet Zielonogórski
Keywords: activation of the rural population animation activities social isolation social marginalization social enclave ex-military base
Year of publication:2014
Page range:14 (81-94)


The aim of this paper is to describe and analyse Kęszyca Leśna – the village founded in 1994 in the former Soviet military base as an example of two types of enclaves, socially desirable and undesirable, showing how it is possible to change the enclave as well as to create there the „new” in place of the „old”. The processes of creating the village and building a local community in the place where both history and modern authorities left their stigma, which marginalized and socially isolated the enclave, are described in the text. Recent years have seen a reversal of the trend of exclusion of the community due to the activity of the local parish priest, who by his actions and animations caused involvement of the residents in the village life and gradual formation of a positive enclave, which gives its residents the sense of belonging, safety and meaning. This article is an attempt to describe the mechanism of giving birth to a new type of enclave on the old historical and structural „trunk”.
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