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ISSN: 0552-4245     eISSN: 2353-3021    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/pz.2016.3-08

Issue archive / z. 3 2016
Miernictwo elektryczne na politechnice w Gdańsku w latach 1904–1945
(Electric Metrology at Gdańsk (German: Danziger) Polytechnic in 1904–1945)

Authors: Dariusz Świsulski
Politechnika Gdańska
Keywords: metrology Gdańsk University of Technology the history of electrotechnics
Year of publication:2016
Page range:20 (163-182)
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Gdańsk (German: Danziger) Polytechnic was founded in 1904. The functioning of the Polytechnic was strongly related to Gdańsk; that is why in its history up to 1945 there are three periods: Prussian, die Freie Stadt Danzig (the Free City of Danzig), and the SecondWorld War. Since the beginning one of the most important fields of teaching was electric engineering. The development in that field would not have been possible without electric metrology. That is why at the Polytechnic there had always been classes and lectures concerning that sphere, which required well-equipped labs and competent teaching staff. The classes in metrology at Gdańsk Polytechnic were taught by dozent dr Konrad Simons, dozent Heinrich Roth, a registered engineer, professor Waldemar Grix, professor Karl Küpfmüller, professor Hans Schwenkhagen, an engineer. From the very beginning the classes included such issues as measurement of electric current, voltage and power, electric current meters, testing of machines, the theory and precise mesurement of electric quantities. Until the mid-1930s many Poles studied at Gdańsk University, among whom there were some outstanding specialists in electric metrology working later at Polish universities: Edmund Romer (Silesian Polytechnic), and Stefan Jerzy Lebson (WarsawPolytechnic). By virtue of the edict of the Ministers’ Council dated May 24th, 1945 the polytechnic was transformed into a Polish higher school and called ‘Politechnika Gdańska’. The labs of metrology are located in the same rooms, and the same equipment was usedstill a few years after the war.
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