Acta Politica Polonica

Previously: Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego. Acta Politica

ISSN: 2451-0432     eISSN: 2719-4388    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/ap

For the Authors

1.Prepared texts for publication should be sent via the journals platform (formats: doc or rtf) by clicking the "submit a manuscript" button. Texts should be prepared according to the rules of the University of Szczecin Scientific Publishing House. The footnotes and bibliography should be in accordance with APA style.

2. Submitted articles may be written in Polish, English or German.

3. The length of the proposed article, including footnotes and bibliography (including spaces) should not be less than 22,000 characters and not more than 30,000 characters. A text of a different length must be agreed to by the editorial board of the journal.

4. The proposed article should have the following structure:

Author's name, indicating:

a. degree/title

b. affiliation - university name, department

c. e-mail address

d. unique identifier of the scientist (ORCID)

The title of the article should be accurate, comprehensive and descriptive, without any general terms or abbreviations.

The title of the article should be in Polish and English. In case of a text written in German, and the title of the article should also be in English.

Abstract in the language of the article (and in English) up to 2,500 thousand characters, including the purpose of the article (research), research methodology used (research methods and techniques) and conclusions from the research, written in the past tense.

Keywords in Polish and English (between three and five significant words/phrases).

Clearly distinguished (bold font) structure of the article, indicating Introduction, subtitles and conclusions.

Citation of bibliographic items in footnotes must be in accordance with APA style - appendix above.

Line spacing - 1.5.

Left and right margins - 2.5 cm.

Times New Roman 12pt  font is obligatory throughout the paper (bold and italic letters can be used, no underlining).

In addition to the article, the author shall include a submission statement with the following information:

a. about the originality of the article.

b. that the article has not been previously published in any version and does not violate any rights of third parties.

c. that the article has not been submitted for review elsewhere.

d. about the possible participation in its preparation, expressed in the form of giving the percentage contribution of individual authors.

e. on the sources of possible research funding (e.g. grant).

After obtaining a positive review from two independent, anonymous reviewers, the final decision about accepting or rejecting the article for publication is made by the Editorial Board of the journal.

The editorial board of the journal ‘Acta Politica Polonica’ observes and follows the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science concerning protection against ghostwriting (non-disclosed authorship or co-authorship of an article) and ‘guest authorship’ (apparent authorship or co-authorship of an article), which are treated as scientific dishonesty. Such cases shall be disclosed by the editorial office by passing the appropriate information to relevant institutions.

The editors of the ‘Acta Politica Polonica’ shall publish texts that meet the aforementioned criteria and reserve the right to make editorial changes and correct obvious errors and inaccuracies. The author's copy of ‘Acta Politica Polonica’ will be sent to the author after publication of the issue, to the correspondence address indicated to the editorial office.

The editorial office of ‘Acta Politica Polonica’ does not charge any fees for submitting, receiving for printing and publishing a scientific article.

CC-BY-SA Agreement template

WNUS requirements

Principles of text preparation by the author:

The text should be prepared in Microsoft Office Word according to the following guidelines (default Microsoft Office Word settings):

1. main text font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.

2. numbered pages.

3. word splitting and justification option turned off (text aligned to the left).

4. do not use capitals or hyphens in the text.

5. diagrams, tables, charts (editable) with titles and indication of the source should be placed in the correct place in the text, without frames.

6. source files should be submitted in addition to the text (if diagrams, tables, charts, etc., were made in Excel, Statistica, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Power Point, etc.).

7. dimensions: width - 124 mm, height - 150 mm.

8. minimum font size: 6 pt, maximum 12 pt.

9. templates: preferred Math Type programme or in another template editor (editable).

10. Photographs should be prepared in 300 dpi resolution and saved in the JPG, TIF or PDF formats.

11. Grayscale graphic elements (with the exception of materials that will be printed in colour) should be agreed upon in advance by the editorial staff in the office of the Scientific Publishing House of the University of Szczecin.

12. Illustrations and diagrams copied from the Internet should not be included (their resolution does not meet the necessary printing requirements).

13. It is the author's obligation to obtain permission from copyright owners and to give the source of materials used in the paper

14. After receiving positive reviews, the author of the article should take into account the reviewers remarks, and the final files submitted to the editorial office should meet the following requirements of the Scientific Publishing House of the University of Szczecin: file in Microsoft Office Word, the same file in PDF format and source files of graphs, tables, diagrams, photographs, scans and formulas.

The editors of "Acta Politica Polonica" accept for review articles that meet the editorial and editorial requirements posted on the journal's website under the tab "For Authors".