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Issue archive / 1/2013
Etyka w zawodzie samorządowca, w aspekcie personalistycznym
(Ethics in a a local government job in a personalistic view)

Authors: Tadeusz Dyk
Wydział Teologiczny Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego
Keywords: local government job ethics official ervice
Year of publication:2013
Page range:8 (133-140)


After the 1989 in Poland, together with social and political change has increased the role of local governments. Local Government Jobs took the partnership both in terms of personal and social life. The article is an attempt to refl ect on the work of Local Government in the context of the ethics of personalism. Local Government on the one hand obliges the law of the state, on the other side of the local government is a member of the community in which he lives and the thing would work. His life and moral values are important to this service and legitimize him. I would like to point out that his personal development is an important part of this activity both for his own sake as well as those for whom he seeks to serve.
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