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Issue archive / Vol. 26, 2/2018
The low – budgeting concept of backpacking

Authors: Jolanta Barbara Jabłonkowska

Bogusław Stankiewicz
Keywords: backpacking economy low budget motivation travel
Year of publication:2018
Page range:7 (123-129)
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Low-budgeting is one of the most important pillars of backpacking. It is considered to be the primary determinant of this type of travel. Because the cheapness, economic efficiency of spending money, the calculation of expenditure, determines the practical dimension of this type of tourism. It allows to take trips to the most distant regions of the world, to all those (especially young people) who do not have sufficient financial backing, to benefit from the offers of tour operators. Hereby a part of the scientific community understand the low-budgeting and see a specific financial backpacker’s tactics in it. Others, in turn, notice more and more widespread loosening of budgetary discipline among backpackers, their free approach to economic issues and not limiting travel expenses. To describe the concept of low-budgeting in backpacking, to understand its essence and determinants, the survey was conducted in 2015/2016. The study involved 100 respondents between 22 and 35 years old who identify with backpacking and did at least one such a trip. The socio-economic issues of backpackers ‘ travel, material backpackers’ compensation and the economic motives of the trips they undertook were analysed.
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