Marketing i Zarządzanie

Previously: Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego. Problemy Zarządzania, Finansów i Marketingu

ISSN: 2450-775X     eISSN: 2543-5574    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/miz
CC BY-SA   Open Access   CEEOL

Editorial requirements

The journal allows authors to hold their copyrights without any restrictions.

Papers are published in both Polish and foreign languages (e.g. English, German, Russian, French).

Form / components of the article:

Summary in English and Polish (not more than half a page)
Keywords (3–5) in English and Polish
JEL (3) codes
Introduction with the objective of the article clearly defined
Consecutive parts of the article
Summary in a foreign language together with the formula ‘Translated by...’ (not more than half a page)
Size of the article – 20,000 characters
the article should be both in Word and PDF
in the top-left corner – the first and last names of the author(s), their academic degree(s)/title(s), the university or institution they represent and their email(s)
at the end – the title of the article and its short summary (up to half a page) translated into English, the surname of the translator (even if the author is the translator it should be clearly indicated)
Foot/Endnotes – APA style
When the text is edited on a computer the following rules should be applied:

font – Times New Roman;
space between lines – 1.5;
margins – 2.5 cm, both left and right;
font size in all the text – 12 points;
the use of bold and italics are permitted, but the use of underlining is not;
tables and pictures (graphs, diagrams) should be clear and prepared in black and white;
the width of tables and pictures – up to 12.5 cm, their height – up to 17 cm;
if pictures are prepared in CorelDraw or Excel they should be sent as separate files;
photos – 300 dpi, width – up to 12.5 cm, height – up to 17 cm;
scanned pictures and diagrams – black and white, 600-1200 dpi in the format of *.tif or *.jpg;
including illustrations, diagrams and pictures taken from the internet is forbidden; formulae: the main text – 11 points, superscript/subscript – 7 points, formula width – 12 cm.