Nowa Krytyka

czasopismo filozoficzne

ISSN: 0867-647X    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/nk.2016.36-05
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In this article the author considers the problem of faith which is also integrally combined with men’s existence. Hence the aim of this paper is an attempt to answer the following questions: What is faith? What is its essence? What are its main types, manifestations and functions? In what relations is faith engaged? What is faith for the given individual? Thereby the paper reveals increasing misunderstanding of faith, its distortions and wrong definitions. „Saving” faith, the author, following Tillich, says about ontological and existential ground of faith. He presents almost all functions of men’s being, spiritual and mundane ones. He proves that faith owes its existence to the fact of tragic alienation of a man in reference to his real being. He traces the paths of reason and faith, science and faith, history and faith, philosophy and faith. He distinguishes truth lying on the subjective and objective side of faith. Finally, the paper demonstrates great usefulness of faith itself for understanding and interpretation of issues connected with politics, culture and religious tolerance which Europe, and the whole world, needs so badly.


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