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Issue archive / 2/2014
Ile punktów za etos?
(How many points for the ethos?)

Authors: Małgorzata Wałejko
Uniwersytet Szczeciński, Wydział Humanistyczny
Keywords: the ethos of an university selfl essness cult of the truth vocation of a master
Data publikacji całości:2014
Page range:18 (55-72)


The text is about a tendency currently existing in the academic circles, a tendency to place a scientist’s individual career above fundamental university values such as an ethos, unselfi shness and vocation. The author shows cultural and civilisation determinants of this tendency as well as its manifestations: the primacy of pragmatism, effi ciency and success or the commercialisation of scientifi c research. As the remedy for this state of matters she points out a rebirth of the essence of academic tradition going back to the ancient Academia, that is a rebirth of a selfl ess attitude not only towards establishing the truth but also towards students. Pointing to such thinkers as J. Woroniecki, J.W. Dawid, J. Tischner, W. Chudy, Tomasz z Akwinu, T. Gadacz, the author propounds a return to the idea of vocation and a master who remains in a service relationship with students. The ethos of a postmodern university lies in the renewal of personal academic relationships.