Pedagogika Szkoły Wyższej

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The review of the text

Each publication is reviewed by an independent reviewer not affiliated with the University of Szczecin.
The texts in foreign languages or authors affiliated with foreign institutions are reviewed by reviewers with foreign affiliation.
Authors and reviewers do not know their identity.
Once a year the list of reviewers is published.
Reviews are in writing and arrive at an explicit request to the approval of an article for publication or its rejection. Possible recommendations by the reviewer may point out:
Accepting the text for publication in its current form;
Accepting of the text for publication under the condition of making corrections;
Accepting the text for print under making corrections and re-submitting for review;
Not accepting the text for print.
Criteria for review of publication:compliance with the profile of the journal;
innovative approach;
the structure of the text;
appropriate theoretical basis;
quality of research techniques;
reference to the current literature;
correctness of style, grammar, and text edition.
Reviewing procedure is in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.



dr hab. Ewa Bochno, prof. UZ

prof. dr hab. Katarzyna Olbrycht

dr hab. Helena Ostrowicka, prof. UKW

dr hab. Arkadiusz Żukiewicz, prof UO


dr hab. Joanna Łukasik, prof. Ignatianu

doc. PhDr. Ivana Pirohová, PhD.

dr hab. Marek Rembierz, UŚl
dr hab. Jan Rutkowski, UW

prof. dr hab. Jerzy Stochmiałek, UKSW

prof. dr Vaiva ZuzevičiĹŤtė,  Mykolas Romeris University, Lituania

dr hab. Alicja Żywczok, UŚl


prof. dr hab. Elwira Kryńska, UwB

prof. dr hab. Aleksander Nalaskowski, UMK

dr hab. Ewa Szadzińska, prof. UŚl.

dr hab. Aleksander Żukiewicz, prof. UŁ


dr hab. Dariusz Kubinowski, prof. UMCS

doc. PhDr. Josef Malach, Uniwersytet w Ostrawie

prof. dr hab. Joanna Michalak, UW

dr hab. Danuta Wajsprych, prof. OSW

dr hab. Maria Wójcicka, em. prof. UW


dr hab. Hanna Kostyło, prof. UMK

dr hab. Roman Leppert, prof. UKW
dr hab. Ewa Kubiak-Szymborska, prof. UKW

prof. dr Vaiva ZuzevičiĹŤtė, Mykolas Romeris University, Lituania


dr Gintaras Balčiűnas, Akademia Muzyczna i Teatralna, Lituania

dr hab. Ryszarda Cierzniewska, prof. UKW

prof. dr hab. Wanda Dróżka, prof. UJK

dr hab. Lucyna Dziaczkowska, prof. KUL

dr hab. Lucyna Preuss-Kuchta, prof. AP


 dr hab. Teresa Bauman,