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For Authors


Instructions for contributors


1.      The Journal publishes papers in Polish, English and German which have not been published before and are not under consideration for publication anywhere else.

2.      Authors are kindly requested to provide a statement of originality and a declaration that the paper has not been previously published elsewhere and is not under consideration by any other journal (ghostwriting).

3.      The maximum length of papers is 20 pages (approximately 40.000 characters including spaces).

4.      Papers submitted for publication should include an abstract in English (350 characters including spaces and key words).

5.      All papers are reviewed in a double-blind review process by two independent reviewers.

6.      Authors should disclose all contributors and sources of funding.   

7.      The Journal reserves the right to alter any paper so that it meets the editorial guidelines.

8.      We accept doc or docx formats.

9.      Use Times New Roman 12 points, 1,5 spacing.

10.  Text structure: name and surname, affiliation, ORCID number, title of the contribution, main text, bibliography, abstract in English, key words.

11.  Indent the first line of each paragraph by one tab space.

12.  Shorter quotations should be continuous within the text and enclosed in double inverted commas. Quotations longer than three lines should be indented 1,5 cm at both margins, without inverted commas.

13.  The title is italicised.

14.  All footnotes should be placed in the main body of the text. Footnotes placed at the bottom of a page contain additional comments and explanations.

15.  It is the responsibility of the authors to obtain permission for reprinting of materials subject to copyright (e.g. photographs). Authors are requested to file visual materials in 300 dpi (TIF).

16.  Authors should clearly indicate that they cite their own translations.

17.  Footnotes: Please provide the name of the author in brackets, along with the page number or numbers, following a colon (Kowalski: 10). If the work is written by two authors, provide both surnames, separated by the conjunction and (Kowalski and Nowak: 10). For works written by more than two authors, give the surname of the first of them with the note et al. (Kowalski et al. 10). If you refer to different works of the same author, give the year of publication after the name of the author, following a coma (Kowalski, 2000: 10), (Kowalski, 1990: 13). If you refer to the works of several authors, separate the references with a semi-colon (Kowalski: 13; Nowak: 10).

18.  All papers should contain bibliography as follows:

a)      book

Adamczyk-Garbowska, Monika. Polskie tłumaczenie angielskiej literatury dziecięcej. Problemy krytyki przekładu. Wrocław: Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich, 1998.

Bodzioch-Bryła, Bogusława, Grażyna Pietruszewska-Kobiela, Adam Regiewicz.  Literatura – nowe media. Homo irretitus w kulturze literackiej XX i XXI wieku. Toruń: Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek, 2015.

b)      article

Skwara, Marta. „Translatologia a komparatystyka. Serie przekładowe jako problem komparatystyczny”. Rocznik Komparatystyczny 1 (2010): 7–51.

c)      chapter

Barańczak, Stanisław. „Rice pudding i kaszka manna. O tłumaczeniu poezji dla dzieci”. Tegoż. Ocalone w tłumaczeniu. Szkice o warsztacie tłumacza poezji z dodatkiem małej antologii przekładów-problemów. Wyd. 3 popr. i rozszerz. Kraków: Wydawnictwo a5, 2004, 65–75.

d)     translation

Carroll, Lewis.  Przygody Alicji w Krainie Czarów. Tłum. Maciej Słomczyński. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Czytelnik, 2010.

e)      Internet sources

Anderson, Hephzibah. „Why moody teenagers love Emily Dickinson”. [dostęp: 2.11.2021]

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