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Lista wydań / 5 (2014)
Problem przekładu artystycznego w dyskursie i kulturze. Słów kilka o nowej publikacji Marii Krysztofiak pt. Einführung in die Übersetzungskultur. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2013

Autorzy: Piotr Sulikowski
Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Słowa kluczowe: comparative literature translation studies translation culture
Rok wydania:2014
Liczba stron:5 (515-519)


The short review concerns the monograph “Introduction into Translation Culture”, by Maria Krysztofiak, the remarkable scientist from the University of Poznań in the field of Translation Studies. The monograph analyses problems and development of this field of research with a special focus on the Polish centres of research, the main issues connected with the terms culture, culture code, aesthetics of a translation, creativity, conventions, intertextuality and its influence on the translation process. Krysztofiak proposes a new term ‘translation culture’ which is claimed to be founded on philosophy of culture and which includes also a didactic aspect, creation of cultural awareness concerning cultural uniqueness and intercultural differences. This is the most reliable way to prevent the ‘communication disaster’.
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