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Issue archive / nr 7 2015
Przeciwdziałanie korupcji w samorządzie terytorialnym
(Preventing corruption in local government)

Authors: Marek Suchanek
Zamiejscowy Wydział Społeczno-Ekonomiczny Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego w Gorzowie Wielkopolskim
Keywords: corruption local government legal and ethical anti-corruption measures
Year of publication:2015
Page range:25 (233-257)
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Corruption is reprehensible and causes many threats in various fields of social life. It has to be fought against and actions need to be taken to combat the causes and to prevent the existence of corruption, especially in the institutions set up to care for thewelfare of citizens, or local government. It is precisely due to these threats is necessary to deal with the problem of corruption and seek more effective methods to prevent this phenomenon at the level of local government.
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