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Lista wydań / t. 12, 2013
Kreacja prawdy w reklamie

Autorzy: Eliza Grzelak
Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu
Słowa kluczowe: wartościowanie prawda reklama
Rok wydania:2013
Liczba stron:12 (43-54)


Author of the article fi rstly formulated the thesis that the second half of the 20th and early 21st century is the time of formation of the new system determined by the axiological brand names, the number of zeros in your account, the frequency of self-presentation media. Based on research in the fi eld of anthropology of communication found that the source of these reevaluations is a marketing message, especially advertising message. Transcendent values : truth, goodness and beauty, in this type of communication, their axiological fi elds were modifi ed. These values were also used to hide unethical actions. Authors of political and marketing communication, mastering the persuasion techniques, used forms of presentation, yet regarded as signs of truth in self-apology, and advertising – manipulation texts, which are inherently false. The author describes few of them: the use of quantitative data, use of scientifi c statement, category of authority, refers to the verbal and nonverbal messages. At the end she concludes that advertising by the public is often considered beyond the false-true category, since its primary function of communication is not information function but a magical function.
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