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synchroniczne i diachroniczne aspekty badań polszczyzny

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Lista wydań / t. 12, 2013
Językowa kreacja miasta w Bambino Ingi Iwasiów

Autorzy: Agnieszka Szlachta
Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Słowa kluczowe: językoznawstwo współczesne językowy obraz świata miasto
Rok wydania:2013
Liczba stron:16 (221-236)


The article describes the linguistic mechanisms that create an image of Szczecin in the novel Bambino by Inga Iwasiów. The subject of examination are lexical and phraseological forms and word interactions which present an image of the city in three dimensions: spatial, social and both: historical and cultural. This lexical and semantic circle was made up by the names, usage of selected colloquial lexemes and non-standard verbal collocations. Linguistic mechanisms are various and contain also specifi c evaluation of used forms. The article is concluded with the observation that linguistic creation of Szczecin in analyzed novel is a multiaspectual and subjective construction.
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