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Issue archive / Vol. 33 2020

Year of publication:2020
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Bandits and/or pirates – the meaning of the words ó λησητής and ó πειρατής in ancient Greek novel

24 (9-32) Małgorzata Cieśluk More

A skald in royal service – the case Þórarinn loftunga. Part 1: Ideological contexts of Hofuðlausn

20 (33-52) Jakub Morawiec More

Remarks on the treaty of 20 March 1289 between the Brandenburg Margraves of the Johannine line and Prince Vitslav II of Rügen, and the place of this agreement in the plans to seize Gdańsk Pomerania after the death of Mestwin II

32 (53-84) Marek Smoliński More

Pomerania in the Medieval and Renaissance Cartography – from the Cottoniana to Eilhard Lubinus

44 (85-128) Adam Krawiec More

Direct supplies of timbers from the southern Baltic region for the Spanish Naval Departments during the second half of the 18th century

19 (129-147) Rafał Reichert More

Szczecin’s Maritime Timber Trade and Deliveries to Spain Between 1750 and 1760 on the Basis of Wochentlich-Stettinische Frag- und Anzeigungs- Nachrichten

16 (149-164) Emil Chróściak More

Portuguese Navy operations on Lake Niassa (1967–1974)

17 (165-181) Krzysztof Kubiak More

From the studies on the suicides of Polish seafarers

21 (183-203) Maciej Kijowski More