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ISSN: 2081-9579     eISSN: 2353-2815    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/wpe.2018.18-11
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Issue archive / nr 18 (2018)
Diagnoza sytuacji ekonomicznej polskiego szpitalnictwa przy zastosowaniu analitycznych narzędzi finansowych
(Diagnosis of economic situation of Polish hospitals using analytical financial instruments)

Authors: Paulina Wardziak
Zakłau Usług Konsultingowych Know How Sp. z o.o
Keywords: healthcare system hospital financial indicators
Data publikacji całości:2018
Page range:13 (109-121)
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Healthcare entities, of which hospitals play a sygnificant role, are forced to function and save human life with limited financal resources. The activities of hospitals have an indisputable impact of the general health status of the population. The specifity character of these entities activies and specyfic funding make it necessary to look at their efectivness in detail. This article aims to provide evoluation of the activities of Polish hospitals with focus on municipal hospitals. Basic analytical tools, such as financial indicators were used for the analysys
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