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ISSN: 2083-4373     eISSN: 2545-3181    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/ais

Lista wydań / 1/2020 (29)

Rok wydania:2020

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# Tytuł Liczba stron Autorzy Akcje

The issue of taxation with value added tax concerning medical care services provided by speech therapists in light of the interdisciplinary nature of the profession of a speech therapist

12 (5-16) Konrad Drezno Więcej

Convicted Nazi lawyer. The case of Gerhard Pchalek in the Gera District Court in 1960

15 (17-31) Konrad Graczyk Więcej

Body check or extrajudicial search - chaos in the Police Act

15 (33-47) Aneta Kamińska-Nawrot Więcej

Evolution of the suicides’ right to funeral and burial in Canon Law and Polish Law

12 (49-60) Paweł Kaźmierski Więcej

Constructivism as a chance to break deadlock in interdisciplinary research combining international law and international relations

11 (61-71) Tadeusz Kołodziej Więcej

The influence of the Act of 22 March 2018 on bailiffs on amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure regarding execution from remuneration for work

13 (73-85) Damian Kuchta Więcej

RAM devices in the light of selected provisions of the Act on weapons and ammunition

13 (87-99) Oskar Kwasiński Więcej

The lifting of “pontifical secrecy” and the relationship between the state and Church systems of justice in the subject matter of sex offences against minors

26 (101-126) Piotr Majer Więcej

Dilemmas of the amendment to the Code of Civil Procedurę of 4 July 2019 as seen in the case of Article 1861 of the Code of Civil Procedure - selected issues

19 (127-145) Piotr Osowy Więcej

Protecting the right to clean air through criminal law: a perspective from economic law analysis and the case of Poland

18 (147-164) Mateusz Podhalicz Więcej

Tax on revenue from buildings after the latest amendment: characteristics and doubts

11 (165-175) Jakub Tekielak Więcej

Corporate social responsibility instruments and their impact on labour rights

15 (177-191) Aneta Tyc Więcej