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Issue archive / nr 1 (2) 2014
Nadieżda Durowa i początki rosyjskiej autobiografii
(Nadezda Durowa and the Beginnings of Russian Autobiography)

Authors: Bożena Karwowska
University of British Columbia
Keywords: autobiography gender women writers Russian literature
Year of publication:2014
Page range:10 (153-162)
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This text presents Nadezhda Durova, the author of the first Russian autobiography, who, in male clothing, spent nine years as an officer in the Russian army. The special interest is paid to the introductory part in which Durova returns, after many years, to her diary notes from the period of the Napoleonic campaign, adding in a description of her own childhood. Apart from the commotion of the transgender theme, raised relatively often in relation to Durova, this description allows for a view into the world of women in Russia and Ukraine at the beginning of the 19th century, as well as a preliminary mapping of the differences between female figures in the masterpieces of the Russian literary canon (as written by men) and a personal narration, based on experiences in a woman’s world.
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