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Issue archive / t. 27 2016
Czynniki produkcji oraz ich efektywność w gospodarstwach różnych typów rolniczych w świetle FADN

Authors: Maria Jolanta Orłowska
Year of publication:2016
Page range:10 (87-96)
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The aim of the study was to compare the resources of production factors, the relationship between them and their performance (productivity and profitability) in different types of agricultural farms. We also analyzed the intensity of production, production and income and the share of the balance of subsidies and taxes on income. The information from the years 2010–2012 collected by the FADN were used. The analysis showed differences in both the farm resources, and the relationship between them and the intensity of the production and effectiveness of various factors of production depending on the direction of the farm. In the years 2010–2012 the highest production and farm income reached the farms with the highest intensity of production: granivores and specialized horticultural crops. They were also distinguished by the highest efficiency of resources used in the production, both productivity and profitability of land, labor and capital, and the lowest share of the balance current subsidies and taxes on income. 
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