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Issue archive / 6/2017 (90)
Starzenie ludności a systemy ubezpieczeń zdrowotnych. Wstęp do analiz porównawczych dla Polski i Wietnamu
(Aging and health insurance systems. Introduction to comparative analysis for Poland and Vietnam)

Authors: Piotr Obidziński
Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Keywords: Vietnam aging health insurance
Year of publication:2017
Page range:13 (67-79)
Klasyfikacja JEL: I13 I14 I15 I18 I19
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Purpose – the purpose of this article is to draw attention to a very interesting comparison between two countries which, despite significant geographical distances, have much in common. Different stages of socio-economic development and demographic processes, but the similar direction of its changes, make it useful to conduct comparative analyzes in order to draw useful conclusions for the future. Design/methodology/approach – the article is an analysis of the results of studies conducted in both countries among the elderly population in relation to the demographic process analysis. Based on this analysis, the article discusses the state of health insurance systems in the context of population aging and the mutual experiences of both countries. Findings – the results of the study presented in the article are primarily a unique compilation of the data characterizing the demographic situation of both countries and the situation of the elderly in both health insurance systems. Originality/value – The article is the result of personal experiences and research conducted during a 6 month stay in Vietnam under the IMPACT Program. Conclusions from the research study allow to see the possibility of further, more detailed comparative research.
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