Finanse, Rynki Finansowe, Ubezpieczenia

Previously: Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego. Finanse, Rynki Finansowe, Ubezpieczenia

ISSN: 2450-7741    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/frfu
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About the Journal

The Journal «Finance. Financial Market. Insurance» was created in 2004 as one of the series of the Bulletins of the Szczecin University (SU). The publisher of the Journal is the Scientific Publishing House of the Szczecin University (SPHSU), and its Editorial Office is affiliated to the Faculty of Economics and Management of the SU. In 2012-2014 the Journal was published eight times a year; since 2015 six times a year. The articles published in the Journal have not been published before, they are original and are concerned with the discipline of finance. They deal with questions posed by – inter alia – the following branches of economics: 

  • finance management,
  • capital markets,
  • public finance,
  • financial and managerial accounting,
  • financial reporting,
  • taxes,
  • auditing.

From 2019 the publishing activity has been suspended.