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Lista wydań / 37 rok 2016
Demokracja i wolność

Autorzy: Jerzy Kochan
Słowa kluczowe: uniwersalizm L. Althusser demokracja interpelacja wolność materializm historyczny
Rok wydania:2016
Liczba stron:16 (61-76)
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The article presents the understanding of freedom and democracy from the perspective of Athusser’s theory of ideology. Freedom turns out to be a subtle medium of interpellation in modern capitalist society and plays a role similar to religion and god in feudal society. The foundation for the freedom is the individual, the private ownership of the workforce. Democracy is in the modern world concretization of freedom and as a kind of universalism fulfills today, like freedom, first of all functions of a war machine and epistemological obstacle. Freedom, democracy is a empty advanced vehicles for various ideological, political, philosophical content.