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ISSN: 0867-647X    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/nk.2017.38-04
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Lista wydań / 38 rok 2017
O ideowo-politycznej odpowiedzialności Wojciecha Jaruzelskiego

Autorzy: Edward Karolczuk
Słowa kluczowe: socialism state capitalism martial law capitalist transformation treason nation
Rok wydania:2017
Liczba stron:35 (79-113)
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There is a distinct division in judgements on W. Jaruzelski between people who regard him as a defender of socialism, and those who treat him as a traitor. In fact, Jaruzelski was nether of them. The analysis of his government policy indicates that he upholded the interests of the privilidged ruling group, that had developed into exploitative social class during the period of „real socialism” and perceived the further realisation of its interests only through systemic transformation towards capitalism. The Martial Law was not a form of securing socialism but a move to prepare conditions for overtly capitalist transformation.
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