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Issue archive / Vol. 35 2022

Year of publication:2022
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Wends/Slavs/Pomeranians as Allies of the Margraves of Brandenburg in 1229. Voice in the Discussion on Political Alliances of the Rulers of West Pomerania in the 1220’s

35 (5-39) Marek Smoliński More

Intruder in the Harem, or Captain Martin Eric Nasmith’s Oriental Adventures

44 (41-84) Piotr Nykiel More

The Circumstances of the Establishment of “Żegluga Polska” in 1926

27 (85-111) Jordan Siemianowski More

Establishment and Activity of the Jewish Marine School for Officers in Civitavecchia (1934–1938) in the Pages of the Revisionist Zionist Press

21 (113-133) Jarosław Drozd More

An Unknown Account of the September Engagements Fought by ORP “Wicher”

23 (135-157) Maciej Franz More

Nazi Indoctrination of the Kriegsmarine and its Relations with the NSDAP in the Years 1935–1945 – Outline of Subject Matter

29 (159-187) Wojciech Wichert More

Administration and Operation of the Commercial Seaports in Gdańsk and Gdynia During the Second World War

16 (189-204) Bolesław Hajduk More

Szczecin as the Home Port for inland Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovak Presence in Szczecin from 1945–1989

40 (205-244) Anna Szczepanska-Dudziak More

Gas Supplies by Sea and Biogas as Elements of Ensuring Energy Security: The Example of Poland

26 (245-270) Jacek Buko, Tomasz Norek, Iwona Windekilde More

The Results of the Dynastic War in Sweden (1597–1660): Swedish and Finnish Refugees

12 (271-282) Karol Łopatecki More

“Baltic Ports. Exchange, Conflicts, Entanglements” /Kulice, 24–26 March 2022

3 (283-285) Paweł Gliźniwicz More

“Sustainable Development and Innovations in Space. E-economy” / Szczecin-Copenhagen, 28–30 September 2022

3 (287-289) Agnieszka Budziewicz-Guźlecka, Anna Drab-Kurowska More