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Issue archive / nr 133 (2) 2018
Financial Instruments in Regional Operational Programs in the Years 2014–2020

Authors: Przemysław Pluskota
University of Szczecin Faculty of Management and Economics of Services
Keywords: finance financial instrument region
Data publikacji całości:2018-12-10
Page range:10 (19-28)
Klasyfikacja JEL: G20 G30 G32
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To ensure conditions for economic growth, prosperity and social integration in the European Union there are financial repayable instruments (JEREMIE Initiative). Despite the need to give money, this form is evaluated favorably, and thanks to revolving generates more benefits, because the money once transferred returns, multiplying the value of support and the number of beneficiaries. Considering the functioning of the JEREMIE Initiative from the point of view of financial intermediaries and the role they play in the financial market, one may be tempted to say that by eliminating inequalities on the market, they are able to effectively distribute financial resources.
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