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Issue archive / nr 133 (2) 2018

Year of publication:2018
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Conditions of Economic Efficiency in Industrial Enterprises in the Opinion of Managers

14 (5-18) Mirosław Wasilewski, Joanna Żurakowska-Sawa More

Financial Instruments in Regional Operational Programs in the Years 2014–2020

10 (19-28) Przemysław Pluskota More

The Revival of the Securitization Market after the Global Financial Crisis: A Case of Europe

9 (29-37) Maciej Pawłowski More

Sensitivity Analysis in Business Risk Assessment in Practice of Polish Companies

12 (39-50) Marlena Ciechan-Kujawa, Michał Buszko, Karolina Taranowska More

The Low-Carbon Transport Fund as a Source of Financing the Electromobility Development in Poland

10 (51-60) Bartosz Pilecki, Andrzej Binka More

Women in Finance

10 (61-70) Monika Różycka More

Issues Related to the Flow of Receivables and Liabilities versus Code of Ethics in Business in Shared Service Centres Exemplified with a Case Study

13 (71-83) Artur Bielan, Marcin Sobieraj More

The Book of Revenue and Costs – Evolution of the Simplified Form of Record

10 (85-94) Damian Łazarczyk More

The Structure of Income of Lubuskie Local Government Units

10 (95-104) Agnieszka Paluch-Dybek More