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Issue archive / 1/2017 (85)
Inżynieria wartości projektów. Studium przypadku dla projektu budowlanego
(Project Value Engineering. Case Study For Th e Construction Project)

Authors: Zbigniew Leszczyński
Politechnika Łódzka

Nadia Wodzisławska
Politechnika Łódzka
Keywords: project management value added analysis value engineering
Data publikacji całości:2017
Page range:12 (59-70)
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The purpose of the article is present in theoretical and empirical aspect – value engineering lake tool of reduction of project costs. The research methodology adopted in this study is an analysis of the literature in the field of management project, value engineering, value added analysis and analysis of empirical data obtained. The thesis of the article: reduction of construction project costs is possible when the project value engineering is used. The result of the analyses is reduction of cost project according with proposed value engineering model. The innovation of this article is to attempt building of value engineering model which is used for optimization of resource consumption in the project – no value added.
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