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Issue archive / 5/2017
Success and failures of crowdfunded projects in Poland

Authors: Joanna Adamska-Mieruszewska

Urszula Mrzygłód

Marcin Skurczyński
Keywords: crowdfunding success determinants empirical study
Year of publication:2017
Page range:12 (415-426)
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Objective - In recent years the crowdfunding platforms have gained importance as a intermediation vehicle which facilitates revealing project’s unique character to a wide audience, and simultaneously attracting potential investors. The number of projects financed through Polish crowdfunding platforms raises the question about the causes of successes and failures in engaging investors. The main goal of the paper is to examine major characteristics of the projects offered on the platform, with special emphasis on the potential drivers of success and failures. Methodology - In the study descriptive statistical methods have been employed on a unique dataset of 1850 projects published on the platform in years 2011–2016. Result - Based on the statistical analysis, the most important trends in crowdfunding financing as well as the characteristics of projects have been identified. Originality/value - Data collection has been conducted automatically based on the authors’ original script written in Python language.
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