Finanse, Rynki Finansowe, Ubezpieczenia

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Issue archive / 4/2016
Diagnoza finansów gospodarstw domowych w największych miastach Polski
(Household Finance Diagnosis in Major Polish Cities)

Authors: Beata Świecka

Marta Musiał
Keywords: household finances personal finance saving borrowing
Year of publication:2016
Page range:12 (821-832)
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Purpose – Description of material situation of Polish households in major cities in Poland, with particular emphasis on areas such as managing personal finances to obtain income and spending and saving and borrowing. Design/methodology/approach – The presented research results have been obtained in the framework of surveys conducted in the 7 major Polish cities, ie. Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Szczecin, in the framework of the research project No. 2013/09/N/HS4/03697 financed from the National Science Centre. The study involved 1086 respondents. Descriptive statistics, correlation coefficients, and tests of statistical significance were used for the analysis of the collected data. Findings – Positively verified article research hypothesis, which assumes that the level of current income is not a key indicator of households wealth. Originality/value – The article contains the results of primary research on revenue, expenditure, savings and household debt in the largest Polish cities, with reference to their chosen secondary research reports on all or selected Polish provinces.
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