Studia Informatica Pomerania

Previously: Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego. Studia Informatica

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Formal Requirements

1. The minimum  length of the article is 20,000 characters including spaces (0.5 publishing sheet), and the maximum length is 10-12 pages of a typescript formatted according to our guidelines.

2. The text should be prepared in the Microsoft Office Word programme, according to the following guidelines:

  • font: Times New Roman, 12 points
  • paper size: A4
  • margins: 2.5 cm (default in Microsoft Office Word)
  • text justified: with the exception of some quotes, titles, headings, elements of tables and computer graphics
  • line spacing: 1.5 (it also concerns the captions of tables and pictures and foot/endnotes)
  • indentation of first lines in paragraphs (default)
  • numbered pages
  • option to divide words – off
  • footnotes inside the text – according to APA (surname, year of publication) (surname, surname, year of publication)
  • tables and diagrams (editable) together with the titles in the right place of the text
  • (in addition, files – if created in Excel, Statistica, CorelDraw, PowerPoint, and the like – should be prepared so as to be readable in black and white version, Times New Roman, font size 8 or 9 points, width – up to 12.5 cm,  height – up to 17 cm)
  • graphic elements (e.g. photos, pictures and the like) should be prepared in the best possible way and saved in one of the following formats: *.jpg, *.eps or *.pdf. Photos – 300 dpi, (width – up to 12.5 cm, height – up to 17 cm). Illustrations, diagrams, pictures taken from the internet should not be included
  • formulae: main text – 10 points, superscripts/subscripts – 7 points, width – up to 12 cm; formulae and notations – Times New Roman font, 10 points; variables – italics; numbers – normal font; if formulae are written in the program of formulae, they need to be placed inside the text as editable elements (!)
  • getting the CONSENT OF THE COPYRIGHT OWNERS and revealing the source(s) of the materials used in the publication lie with the author(s)

3. APA style is applied for references

4. An abstract of the article (maximum 1000 characters including spaces) and keywords (3-5) must be attached to the article.

5. JEL classification codes are also required (see details).

6. For the purposes of POL-Index, the type of article must be indicated:

  • original research paper
  • overview
  • communication on study results
  • review article (academic review)
  • case study
  • guidelines
  • other citable document.

7. The following data on the author(s) should also be included: forename, surname, academic degree/title, full name of the university/institutions which the author represents, telephone number (for the editorial board’s knowledge only), e-mail address

8. Obtaining the PERMISSION OF THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER and naming the sources of all materials used in the article is the duty of the author.

9. The article layout should be compatible with the MODEL below.

10. Texts which do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.

11. All the texts sent are subject to scientific review. Only texts which are favourably reviewed will be published in „Studia Informatica Pomerania”.

12.  Materials sent to the Publishing House:

  • Microsoft Office Word file,
  • The same file in the PDF format,
  • Source files of diagrams, tables, charts, photographs, scans, equations.


An abstract of the article (maximum 1000 characters including spaces) and keywords (3-5) must be attached to the article.



Tables, diagrams, equations

  • Tables, diagrams, drawings, (editable) charts, together with the title and source indication, put in the proper place in the text, without frames – regardless of the texts, source files must also be handed over if they were made using Excel, Statistica, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Power Point, etc.
  • Equations – Math Type or other equation editor preferred (editable),
  • Equations: font type and size like in the main text,
  • Tables, diagrams, drawings, charts: max width – 125 mm, max height – 170 mm,
  • Tables: minimum font size 9 points, maximum font size 11 points,
  • Photographs and scans, together with the title and source indication, put in the proper place in the text – any graphic element must additionally be sent in a SEPARATE SOURCE FILE,
  • Photographs should be prepared in 300 dpi resolution and saved into a JPG, TIF or PDF format,
  • Scanned drawings and diagrams – monochrome in 1200 dpi resolution, saved in TIF format,
  • Graphic elements should be in grey scale – apart from materials printed in colour, which require prior consent.