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Issue archive / nr 4 (36) 2016

Year of publication:2016


# Title Page range Authors Actions

Collaboration Between Lowersilesian Cultural Tourism Attractions – A Reality or a Dream of a Future?

13 (7-19) Marta Drozdowska, Magdalena Duda-Seifert, Małgorzata Leśniak More

Branding in the Activities Of European of National Tourism Organizations (NTO)

13 (21-33) Mirosław Marczak More

The Quality of Life of the Residents of Tourist Reception Areas According to Selected Indicators

9 (35-43) Hanna Michniewicz-Ankiersztajn, Iwona Józefowicz More

Certificates as a Way to Regulate Functioning of Tourist Entities on the Spa & Wellness Services Market

9 (45-53) Małgorzata Januszewska, Agnieszka Mroczek-Czetwertyńska, Elżbieta Nawrocka More

Stages of Vacation Planning by the Academic Youth in 2015

11 (53-63) Jolanta Cichowska More

The Concept of Smart Hotels as an Innovation on the Hospitality Industry Market – Case Study of Puro Hotel in Wrocław

11 (65-75) Daria E. Jeremen, Małgorzata Jędrasiak, Andrzej Rapacz More

Consumption Behaviours in the Market of Tourist Services. Motivations and Needs for Holiday Trips of Tourism and Recreation Students

11 (77-87) Blanka Gosik More

Two Generations of Backpackers. Identifying the Multisectional Structures of Backpacking Tourism Participants in Poland

15 (89-103) Jolanta Barbara Jabłonkowska More

Adaptation of Hotel Establishments for Business Tourism in Poland

9 (105-113) Ewa Lipianin-Zontek More

Integration in Tourism Distribution Channels and Bargain Power Of Tour Operators Over Accommodation Establishments: TUI and Thomas Cook Cases

10 (115-124) Mustafa Boz More

Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Industry of Festival, Concert and Club Tourism in Poland

8 (125-132) Michał Niewiadomski, Jakub Piecuch More

Preferences and Motives of Consumer Behavior in the Process of Purchasing Travel Insurance

7 (133-139) Beata Nowotarska-Romaniak More

Tourism Activity in the Third Age Group: its Characteristics on Selected Examples

11 (141-151) Piotr Oleśniewicz, Julita Markiewicz-Patkowska, Krzysztof Widawski More

Planning Short-Stay ‘Weekend Breaks’ Based on the Cultural, Natural And Social Resources of the Small Town

11 (153-163) Anna Ostrowska-Tryzno, Anna Pawlikowska-Piechotka More

Determinants and Barriers to the Tourism Development in Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation and Warmia and Mazury Region

8 (165-172) Iwona M. Batyk More

Hiking Trails as the Tourist Potential of Szczytna City and Municipality

12 (173-184) Eleonora Gonda-Soroczyńska, Iga Wiktoria Michalak More

Implementation Possibilities of a System For Management and Measuring of Sustainable Development of Tourism in Metropolitan Areas: The Case of Poznań Agglomeration

11 (185-195) Anna Królikowska-Tomczak More

The Role of Cruising Tourism in Tourism Development of Split

13 (197-209) Mili Razović More

Residents’ Attitude Toward Tourism in Zwierzyniec Town

9 (211-219) Andrzej Tucki, Anja Tuohino More