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Issue archive / 1/2018 (91)
Wybrane premie i dyskonta w wycenie przedsiębiorstw – praktyczne podejście

Authors: Tomasz Wiśniewski
Keywords: size premium key employee discount control premium illiquidity discount conglomerate discount
Data publikacji całości:2018
Page range:12 (391-402)
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Purpose – Presentation of selected premiums and discounts applicable in business valuation in Poland in the context of the developed markets experience. Design/Methodology/approach – Overview and analysis of international literature dedicated to business valuation. The analysis of transactions and stock exchange listings for selected companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Findings – The development of a multidimensional concept for use of selected premiums and discounts in business valuation in Poland. Originality/value – Theoretical aspect concerns the collection of key areas of premiums and discounts, which are the subject of the analyses. Practical area concerns delivering of a summary, which can be useful in the practical approach to valuation of private companies in Poland.
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