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Quotes and notes

1. Each citation should be equipped with its source.

2. All the foot/endnotes should be in APA Style.

Selected elements:

References (notes) – example:

One author:

- Text, text, text (Nowak, 2015, p. 33-34)

- According to Nowak (2015) text, text, text.

More than one author:

For the first time: Text, text, text (Nowak, Igrekowski, Iksiński 2015, p. 6) or Nowak, Igrekowski, Iksiński wrote (2010) text, text.

And if repeated: Text, text, text (Nowak et al., p. 3) or Nowak et al. (2010) text, text.

If several texts of the same author(s) were published in the same year, the year of publication must be succeeded by letters a, b, c, etc. (with no space between the year and the letter). 

- Text text text (Nowak, Kowalski, 2005a, 2005b, Wiśniewski, 2003a, 2003b).

- Text text text (Nowak, 2001; see: Kowalski, 1999; Wiśniewski, 2007).

Institutional author:

- (in the form of commonly known abbreviations) Narodowe Centrum Nauki (NCN, 2011)

- Institutional author (in its full form) University of Rome (2013) or (University of Rome 2013).

3. Footnotes give supplementary information about the main text.

Detailed instructions – to be found in attachment APA STYLE