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Tables, pictures, formulae

1. Tables and pictures should be placed inside the text. In addition, they should be sent in graphic files (e.g. *.cdr, *.ai, *.eps, *.wmf, *.emf, Excel diagrams, and the like.).
2. Formulae and other specific elements in the text should be edited in a program taken from the MS Office package (e.g. Microsoft Equation) and be in an editable form.
3. Tables, pictures, diagrams: maximum width – 125 mm, maximum height – 170 mm.
4. Photos: resolution of 300 dpi (picture size in 1:1 scale), *.tif or *.jpg formats (maximum width – 125 mm, maximum height – 170 mm).
5. Formulae: main text – 11 points, superscripts/subscripts – 7 points, maximum width – 120 mm.
6. Scanned pictures, diagrams – black and white, resolution of 1200 dpi, *.tif format.
7. Illustrations or diagrams taken from the internet are not permited (their resolution does not comply with the requirements for printing).


Table 1

Structure of unemployment in Poland (centre alignment, font 12)


(font in the middle of the table 9-11)


Source:... ( font 10).


Pic. 1. Dynamics of unemployment in the Voivodeship (font 12)

Source:... (font 10).