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Reviewing rules

Reviewing procedure in the Journal «Studies and Research of the FEM of the SU»:

1. There are at least two independent reviewers from outside the unit appointed to assess each publication.
2. In case of texts in foreign languages, at least one of the reviewers is affiliated to a foreign institution of the national status different from the author’s.
3. It is recommended that authors and reviewers do not know each other (double-blind review process). Reviewers should fill in a declaration (Reviewer's declaration - to download below).
4. In other cases reviewers have to sign a declaration on the absence of conflict of interest; a conflict of interest occurs when there are some relations between reviewers and authors:
    a) direct personal relations (kinship, legal relations, conflict);
    b) professional subordination;
    c) direct academic co-operation up to two years before preparing the review.
5. Reviews have to be in written form and have to conclude with an unambiguous verdict: either to reject the article or accept it for publication (in the current form or after introducing modifications suggested by the reviewer).
6. The form for a review of articles sent to «Studies and Research of the FEM of the SU» is accesible below (Article Review Form - to download below).
7. If there are more than one author it is necessary to precisely define the contribution of each author and all of them have to sign an appropriate declaration (Declaration of co-authorship – to download below).
8. Authors are under obligation to fill in a declaration that the typescript has not been submitted to any other publisher (Authors’ declaration – to download below).
9. The surnames of the reviewers of a particular article are not revealed; once a year the Journal makes public the list of its reviewers. The list is accessible on the Journal’s website.


Reviewers' declaration

Statement - reliability of the researcher

Declaration of co-authorship

Author’s declaration

Article Review Form