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Manuscript – formal requirements and the structure of the article

Manuscript – formal requirements and the structure of the article:

1. The manuscript should be sent electronically in a Microsoft Office Word (version Word 2010 or earlier) file.
2. The size of the article – up to 20,000 characters with spaces (half a squire).
Only in the case of the Bulletin subtitled ‘Quantitative Methods in Economics’ – maximum 10 pages of typescript formatted according to the instructions.

3. Format of the page – A4:
    margins – 2.5 cm;
    line spacing in the main text – 1.5;
    line spacing in summaries and notes – 1.0.

    do not use UPPER CASE LETTERS or small capital letters;

    main text and subtitles of (sub)sections – Times New Roman, 12 points;

    titles of (sub)sections – bold;

    text of summaries, notes and captions under tables and pictures – Times New Roman, 10 points (see: detailed instructions);

    text of formulae – font 11 points (see: detailed instructions).

4. The Editorial Office of S&R recommends APA Style in foot/endnotes (see: detailed instructions).
5. Tables and pictures – see: detailed instructions.
6. If the source files are in Excel, Statistica, CorelDraw, PowerPoint and the like, they should be sent also as separate files; they should be readable in black-and-white version, maximum width – 12.5 cm, maximum height – 17 cm.
7. Each author should give his/her ORCID number.

8. The text should be formally complete, i.e. it should contain: the title page with the first and last names of the author(s), their affiliation, email address, the title of the article, its summary and keywords in Polish and in English, introduction, (numbered) sections, résumé, bibliography; the layout of the article should be compatible with the pattern/specimen below.
9. Texts that do not meet those requirements will not be qualified for publication.
10. Texts sent to the Editorial Office are subject to review according to the existing principles (two reviewers and double-blind review process). Only the articles that have received positive reviews will be published in «Studies and Research of the FEM of the SU».



First and last names* ( 12 points)


[*at the bottom of the page – email address in the footnote on the first page]



(bold, centre alignment, 14 points)

Summary (in Polish – font 10 points) (see: detailed instructions concerning summaries)

Keywords: 3 to 5 (font 10 points).

Introduction (font 12 points, bold) should have the structure of an academic article (IMRD)

1. Survey of the literature (title of the section – normal font 12 points, bold)

2. Materials & Methods

3. Results

4. Discussion

Résumé / Conclusions (12 points, bold)

Bibliography (12 points, bold) (see: detailed instructions)



(bold, centre alignment, font 12 points)

Abstract (as noted above)

Text… (font 10 points)

Keywords:… (font 10 points)

Translated by Jan Kowalski

JEL Codes:

Information on the author: first and last names, academic title and/or degree, full name of the university, telephone number, email address.


Publisher requirements