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Issue archive / Vol. 25, 1/2018
Teaching quality in blended learning mode

Authors: Adam Stecyk
Keywords: quality education higher education e-learning ICT
Year of publication:2018
Page range:6 (297-302)
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The strategic importance of education in the national economy, the evolution of quantitative and qualitative demands in relation to the learning outcomes, the use of e-learning tools for the collection and distribution of knowledge and innovative educational paradigms, atomization and complex way of teaching processes, determine the nature of higher education. The aim of the article is a presentation of the assessment model for blended learning tools quality evaluation in higher education. This paper is an attempt to look through the prism of educational entities at e-learning system, implied as a set of key elements, which are the primary mechanism for creating value and teaching quality. The proposed research concept allows to specify the structure of the assessment model (resource configuration and processes coordination) and can be used to analyze the framework of specific subjects, teaching staff and teaching modes. Furthermore proposes solution is strictly subordinated to the identified goals (quality definition) and the assumed effects (quality measurement).
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