Przeszłość Demograficzna Polski

Poland's Demographic Past

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Issue archive / 42, 2020

Year of publication:2020
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Słowo od redakcji

(A Word from the Editor)
1 (7-7) Dariusz K. Chojecki More

The Issue of Infant Mortality in Polish Historical Research

27 (9-35) Dawid Dziuba More

Did the Abolition of Serfdom Affect the Life Cycle of Peasants in the Western Part of the Grodno Governorate in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries?

37 (37-73) Cezary Kuklo More

The Register of the Dead from Cholera in Vilnius Pohulanka Hospital in 1831 as a Source for Demographic and Social Studies

20 (75-94) Iwona Janicka More

Did the Sex Ratio at Birth Reflect Social and Economic Inequalities? The Pilot Study from the Poznań Province, 1875–1913

27 (95-121) Grażyna Liczbińska, Agnieszka Sobkowiak More

The Process of Demographic Transition in Lands of the Former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Other Areas with Polish-Speaking Populations, 1865–1912

24 (123-146) Józef Pociecha More

Population of Gubin District in the Context of Situational and Statistical Reports in the Years 1945–1949

29 (147-175) Hanna Kurowska More

Parish Registers in the Archival Fonds of the State Archives in Szczecin

21 (177-197) Radosław Gaziński More

Interaktywny Atlas statystyczno-demograficzny Królestwa Polskiego – projekt badawczy

(Interactive Statistical and Demographic Atlas of the Kingdom of Poland - Research Project)
6 (199-204) Krzysztof Narojczyk More

Sprawozdanie z posiedzeń Zespołu Demografii Historycznej Komitetu Nauk Demograficznych PAN w 2018 roku

(2018 Report on the Meetings of the Historical Demography Group in the Committee on Demographic Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences)
4 (205-208) Piotr Rachwał More